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Streamlined Real Estate Management Essentials.

Capitron offers streamlined property and tenant management, a centralized billing center for financial operations, efficient maintenance scheduling, and comprehensive reporting for informed decision-making.

Property and Tenant Management

Track properties and units effectively, along with detailed tenant history records for streamlined management

Billing Center

Centralize invoice management and set up recurring billing seamlessly, simplifying financial operations

Maintenance Management

Schedule and track regular maintenance tasks, process maintenance requests efficiently, and ensure properties are well-maintained.

Information Hub

Centralize all property information for swift access and efficient management.

Notice Board

Communicate important announcements effectively via a digital notice board.

Automated Lease Renewal Reminders

Receive timely notifications for lease renewals, ensuring no deadlines are missed.

Ticketing System

 Track issues and resolutions efficiently through a robust ticketing system.

Virtual Property Tours

Showcase properties remotely with integrated virtual tour capabilities.

Market Analysis Tools

Access advanced analytics for real estate market trends and predictions.

Expense Tracking

Stay on top of property-related expenses with thorough tracking and management capabilities.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insights through detailed financial reports, occupancy rates, and tenant reports, facilitating informed decision-making for property management

Document Management

Safely store and access property-related documents with ease and security.

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Integrated CRM System

Enhance client interactions and retention with a fully integrated CRM system.

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamlessly integrate with various payment gateways for rent and invoice payments.

Energy Efficiency Tracking

Monitor and report on the energy efficiency of properties effortlessly.

Mobile App Accessibility

Manage properties on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile application.

Online Rental Applications and Screening

Streamline tenant applications and screenings with digital tools.

Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Gather valuable feedback from tenants to improve services and management.

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Capitron by Terra emerges as the definitive choice for real estate professionals seeking to elevate their property management, sales, and leasing processes. With its comprehensive features and proposed functionalities, Capitron sets the standard for excellence in the real estate market.

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Best for new startups or businesses
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Best for new startups or businesses
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Best for new startups or businesses
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Best for new startups or businesses
with occasional in-person sales



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