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Numera ERP is an integrated business solution combining Project Management, Accounting, HRM, and CRM in one platform. It streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and supports informed decision-making across all business functions. Ideal for any size business, Numera ERP is customizable, scalable, and designed to boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Numera ERP All In One Business ERP With Project, Account, HRM, CRM.

Project System

Comprehensive project management from task assignment to bug tracking and project reporting.

Accounting System Features

- Banking: Manage accounts, record transfers. - Sales: Maintain customer data, generate invoices. - Purchase: Manage suppliers, record expenses. - Bookkeeping: Create charts, record transactions. - Budgets:Set, monitor financial budgets.


Managing business scaling, vendor contracts, delegation.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping, and more features

Chart of Accounts: Create and manage a complete chart of accounts for the business. , Journal Entries: Record financial transactions through journal entries. , Ledger Accounts: Maintain and review individual ledger accounts. , Balance Sheets: Generate balance sheets for a snapshot of the company's financial standing. , Profit & Loss Statements: Compile profit and loss statements to assess business performance. , Trial Balance: Produce trial balances to ensure debits and credits are balanced.

Support System

Integrated support features like Zoom meetings, messenger service, and customizable notification templates.

AI-Powered Analytics

Utilizing artificial intelligence for predictive analysis and decision-making.

Mobile Application Integration

A mobile app for remote access to software functionalities.

We've helped brands of all kinds and businesses of every size grow their businesses

Numerra offers a robust suite of integrated business solutions encompassing accounting, HR management, CRM, project management, and POS. Its intuitive dashboard provides quick access to essential tools, streamlining operations. With comprehensive HRM capabilities, meticulous accounting features, and efficient CRM and project management modules, Numerra empowers businesses for growth and productivity. Additionally, its scalability, mobile integration, advanced reporting, and AI-powered analytics enhance decision-making and operational efficiency, making it a comprehensive solution for modern enterprises.

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Best for new startups or businesses
with occasional in-person sales


Best for new startups or businesses
with occasional in-person sales


Best for new startups or businesses
with occasional in-person sales


Best for new startups or businesses
with occasional in-person sales

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