T Scale is a pioneering ERP software in Egypt, produced by Terra, specifically tailored for the accurate weighing of vehicles and heavy machinery using weighbridge scales. This cloud-based software allows for remote monitoring and report access from anywhere, on any device, including mobile phones.​

Cloud-Based and Local Hosting

Offers flexibility with cloud-based operation for remote access and local hosting for internal network use.

 User-Friendly Access

Clients can log in via the internet using their unique credentials to inquire about weights and print or create PDF reports.

 Comprehensive Reporting

Rich in reporting features, including daily records, treasury reports, and expense and revenue summaries, Detailed client-specific reports based on period, type of load, geographical location, or any registered data.

Our scale System have a lot of advanced features


Integration with Accounting Software

Seamlessly integrates with various accounting programs, enhancing financial management and record-keeping.


 Weight Authorization Controls

Implements weight authorization controls, ensuring weighbridge operations are conducted only through authorized instructions.


Real-Time Data Synchronization

Ensures real-time data synchronization between the weighbridge and the software, providing instant updates.


 Customizable Interface

Features a customizable user interface, allowing users to tailor the dashboard and controls according to their specific needs.


Automated Alerts and Notifications

Sends automated alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders for critical weight measurements or discrepancies.


 Data Security and Backup

Employs robust data security protocols with regular backups, ensuring data integrity and protection.

 Multi-Device Compatibility

Optimized for use across various devices, ensuring consistent functionality whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


Designed to scale with business growth, accommodating an increasing number of weighings and expanding data requirements.

Language and Currency Customization

Supports multiple languages and currency formats, making it adaptable for international use.

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T Scale by Terra is more than just a weighing software; it's a comprehensive solution that combines accuracy in weight measurements with advanced data management and reporting capabilities. Its cloud-based nature, along with local hosting options, offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for diverse business needs.
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Best for new startups or businesses
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Best for new startups or businesses
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Best for new startups or businesses
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